From Nepal to Baltimore

Sasanka Jinadasa

May 10, 2015


a “natural” disaster; meaning
it is natural to exploit brown bodies and brown economies
until the earth cracks under the weight of its own fury
and no amount of American exceptionalism can relieve
brown debt
I mean, brown death
I mean, these buildings were bound to collapse
whether in sacrifice to the earth
or to colonialism, white people made themselves natural a long time ago.

and across the ocean,
Freddie Gray’s spine splits as a natural consequence
to the backbreaking labor America never paid for.
white Americans are terrified of fire, as they erase branding
and witch-hunting and cross-burning from their past.
property over people
        prisons over people.
        production over people.

spineless, they keep taking.
spineless, they keep breaking.
spineless, the world is shaking trying to stop spinning

for their white light.